Unshackle Upstate: 2017-2018 Budget is a Mixed Bag for Upstate New Yorkers

Posted: Apr 9th, 2017

“This year’s state budget achieves some progress on long overdue reforms that will benefit Upstate’s communities and its economy.

By green lighting ride-hailing services in Upstate New York, Governor Cuomo and the Legislature have created opportunity for Upstate cities and towns, and small businesses. Upstate New Yorkers will finally have the same modern, reliable transportation options residents and tourists already enjoy Downstate and across the country.

In addition to Upstate ride-hailing, we called on Albany to reform New York’s costly and outdated Workers’ Compensation program. We applaud the members of the Senate Republican Conference for championing these reforms and taking significant steps to ease the cost burden borne by every employer in the state – especially Upstate. More work remains to truly get New York’s third highest-in-the-nation costs under control. We must continue to work with our elected leaders to ensure we have an affordable system that  protects workers across New York.

Lastly, we’re disappointed that the state continues to rely on massive tax extensions to support record spending. New York’s enormous tax burden is the major force behind our harsh business climate and Upstate’s continued population decline. Until our leaders in Albany accept this reality, more jobs will leave Upstate New York – forcing our best and brightest to follow suit.”