• New York's Rich History of Innovation & Success

    New York's Rich History of Innovation & Success

    We've heard it all: Upstate New York is a rust belt, a region whose glory days are history, a place that young people and retirees can't wait to get away from. We've heard it. And we don't agree with it.

  • Why Unshackle Upstate

    Why Unshackle Upstate

    Taxpayers need a voice in Albany. We are that voice. Our mission: to shine a spotlight on the state laws, regulations and governmental practices that are holding back our economy, and then create solutions that will lead to jobs and revitalize our state.

  • Behind NY's Problems: Big Spending, High Taxes

    Behind NY's Problems: Big Spending, High Taxes

    Upstate's growth is undermined by a state government that has focused on big spending and high taxes. We've introduced plans to lower taxes, grow our economy and make our government more accountable to change that.

  • Get Involved

    Get Involved

    Join our bipartisan coalition, and learn how together we can return New York to its prominence as the Empire State. Get informed on the issues that affect our state. Then speak up and let our elected officials hear your voice.

Tell Albany the State We're In

Unshackle Upstate - a bipartisan coalition focused on fixing state government, making it more accountable to NY's taxpayers.

Legislative Activity & 2018 Policy Agenda

Unshackle Upstate highlights its position on important issues by speaking out in meetings with elected officials, staff and key leaders, testifying before committees and issuing legislative memos.

Get Involved, Take Action, Take Part

Through this website, Facebook, Twitter, email campaigns and UPAC, members of the Unshackle Army speak volumes about what New York's elected officials must do to improve our state. Join us and make your voice heard.

Send a Message to Your State Lawmaker

Join us in sending a message to Albany. Whether it's fighting for reduced taxes or state spending, e-mail your representative and let them know your position on important issues.

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